Hello, my name is Alex Kort.
I am a software developer, a musician, one side of an electronic duo, an amateur web designer, and IT professional.

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Tech I Like

  • C#/.NET/Azure
  • Java Spring
  • Web Audio API
  • Team City

An Abridged Resume

Cal Poly

Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Concentrated in Databases and Graphics.

Waseda University

1-year study abroad program in the School of International Liberal Studies.

Amgen Inc.

Software Developer for SharePoint and custom applications. Became System Owner of Project Management software system, leading a team through maintenance and upgrades.
Used: C#/.NET, SharePoint, SQL

F&M Bank

Software Engineer of internal business apps, SharePoint customization, admin, and legacy maintenance. Tech lead of Data Integration automation, website creation and maintenance.
Used: C#/.NET, Javascript, SQL Server, Powershell, TeamCity CI

Rakuten, Inc.

Software Developer for internal cloud web applications that support the mobile infrastructure.
Used:C#/.NET MVC5 API, Microsoft Azure, Javascript/Jquery, SQL Server, Team City CI, Java Spring, Thymeleaf, Spring Security


MIDI Sequencer

Chrome MIDI Sequencer

BPM Screen

Web Audio BPM Detector

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